Brand Values

Everything at Help Scout starts with values.

These brand values make their way into everything we design, write, code and otherwise create. They’re what make us ... us. And they’re what we hope people will feel when they interact with the brand.


This is also one of our core values at Help Scout. Helpfulness means it’s all about the other person. It’s less about being over-the-top friendly and more about giving people what they need in the moment so they can move to the next thing. It’s about letting people know you’re there without getting in the way.


Businesses aren’t businesses without customers, and we know trusting software to manage those relationships can be tricky. It’s critical that the content we create and the products we make not only build trust between us, but between you and your customers as well.

Human & Organic

We make Help Scout to connect people and help businesses build better relationships with their customers. It should never feel like a system that gets in the way or keeps people out. As a brand we want Help Scout to feel approachable, full of personality, and always evolving to better connect with people.


Let’s be honest — customer service is a tough job! We aspire to bring a level of energy that’s encouraging and inspiring to people — maybe we even tell a joke or two every once in a while. It’s one small way to help our customers stay on top of their game and push through the hard stuff.


We play, we explore new ideas, and we experiment without fear of failure. We trust our team to do what’s right by our customers and one another. Grounded by good intentions and a sense of purpose, we push boundaries without taking ourselves too seriously.